Exhibition Tent Features

  • Sturdy

    High-quality aluminum alloy frame + PVC tarpaulin, beautiful, durable and safe.

  • Quick Quick

    Quickly dismantle and build, use as you build, and dismantle when you don't need it. The frame parts can be used repeatedly.

  • Powerful

    Windproof, rainproof, sun-proof, and flame-retardant, so that activities are not affected throughout the year.

  • Extensive

    Widely used in auto, home exhibition, ceremonial celebrations and other activities, a wide range.

  • 轻巧 Light

    Aluminum alloy frame + PVC tarpaulin, light and durable, convenient for storage and transportation.

Exhibition tents Products

Exhibition Tent Introduction

1)Exhibition Tent span can be customized from 3 meters to 50 meters;
2) There is no limit to the length, which can be extended indefinitely according to a unit of 3 meters or 5 meters;
3) conventional high-side exhibition exhibition tents 2.5 meters -6 meters high can be customized different side according to customer requirements.
Exhibition Tent frame section

Exhibition Tent Frame part:

1. The main frame of the exhibition tent is mainly made of high-strength aluminum profiles, and the connecting parts are mainly iron parts that have been hot-dip galvanized.
2. The surface of aluminum profile is oxidized, and the surface of iron parts is all hot-dip galvanized.


1) The top cloth and the surrounding cloth are made of double-layer PVC.
2) The main functions of the tarpaulin used in the exhibition tent are waterproof, fireproof, UV-proof, and have self-cleaning functions.
3) Fire rating: Class B1 (equivalent to M2 of the international standard) (flammable, self-extinguishing within three seconds from the fire) with relevant certificates.
4)Tarpaulin specifications mainly include:650g/m2 、750g/m2 、850g/m2 ...
Exhibition tents alternative facilities

Optional supporting facilities:

1) Transparent PVC windows
2) Luxurious carpet
3) High-end counterweight
4) Glass curtain wall system
5) Rain gutter
6) Top curtain and surrounding curtain
7) Floor system
8) Glass door
9) Sandwich board wall or single-layer color steel plate wall

Exhibition Tent

Exhibition Tent Nowadays, there are more and more various trade fairs, and the fixed trade fair venues are even rarer. Due to the high construction cost and insufficient flexibility, more and more exhibitors are turning their attention to the exhibition canopy. The advantages of exhibition tents are: modular design, flexible and changeable overall structure, stylish and elegant appearance, whether you are a small exhibition of three to five hundred square meters or a large-scale exhibition of tens of thousands of square meters, you can satisfy, the most important thing is that Dismantle and build, no special venue requirements. Exhibition tent parameters
Types Span(m) Spacing(m) Side height(m) Ceiling height(m) Main profile size(mm)
Exhibition Tent 15 5 4 6.8 150*108
20 5 4 7.2 203*112
25 5 4 8 203*112
30 5 4 8.8 259*113
40 5 4 11.8 300*120
50 5 4 13 350*120
The length can be extended indefinitely by 5m
The above is part of the standard size, customers can provide custom specific dimensions

Exhibition Tent Case