Wedding tent features

  • Romantic

    Lawn for outdoor or beach wedding, make your own mind to become a star.

  • Changeable

    The styles change may be in the West can be idyllic. Make your wedding varied and unique.

  • Fashion Fashion

    Tarpaulin can be printed theme, fashion changeable. Activities to strengthen the effect, revenue-raising activities.

  • Economy

    Compared to the high cost of hotel wedding, wedding tents more affordable.

  • Perfect

    With curtain, lighting and other full facilities for wedding tents and more powerful.

Wedding tents introduction

Wedding Tents Introduction

1) Wedding tent span -50 meters by 3 meters ranging from custom;
2) unlimited length, 3 m or 5 m can be infinitely extended as a unit;
3) Conventional wedding tent side height of 2.5 meters -6 m, the high side can be customized according to different requirements of customers.
Wedding tents Frame part

Wedding tents Frame part

1. The main frame wedding tents mainly high-strength aluminum-based, iron via the connecting portion is mainly galvanizing treatment;
2. The surface of aluminum profile is oxidized, and the surface of iron parts is all hot-dip galvanized.


1) wedding tent cloth and a top cloth are enclosed with double PVC material;
2) The tarpaulin main function waterproof, fireproof, UV, and self-cleaning function;
3) Fire rating: B1 level (equivalent to international standards M2) (flame retardant, self-extinguishing from the fire three seconds) with a relevant certificate;
4)tarp specifications are:650g/m2 、750g/m2 、850g/m2 ...
Wedding shed supporting facilities

Wedding tents can select facilities

1) Wedding bouquet
2) Fashion carpet
3) Luxury matching tables and chairs
4) around the mantle and top veil
5) Transparent PVC windows
6) Glass curtain wall system
7) Floor system
8) Transparent glass door
9) Sandwich board wall or single-layer color steel plate wall

Wedding Tents

Nowadays more and more young people, the pursuit of romance, style wedding tents is the best choice for outdoor weddings. Compared to traditional outdoor wedding hotel wedding more innovative, site layout can be more integrated into their new willingness to do their wedding their control. At this time, the wedding canopy is particularly important, elegant appearance, style diversification, can also be fitted inside the top mantle hangings, make the wedding more warm. At the same time full use of interior space for plaza, grassland, subject to site constraints, set up to facilitate, to avoid the difficulties of booking trouble. Wedding tents, first choice for modern wedding site you call the shots! Wedding tent parameters
Types Span(m) Spacing(m) Side height(m) Ceiling height(m) Main profile size(mm)
Wedding tents 3 3 2.5 3 84*48
6 3 2.5 3.5 84*48
8 3 2.5 3.9 84*48
10 3 3 4.3 84*48/122*68
12 5 3 5.1 122*68
15 5 3 5.4 150*108
The length can be extended indefinitely by 3m or 5m
The above is part of the standard size, customers can provide custom specific dimensions

Wedding Tent Case