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Stainless steel Dome Tents from SongPinTent    Date:2022-09-08 16:12     Pageviews:
Dome Hexagonal Tents news Dome Hexagonal Tents news
Since 2007, we have supplied our pop up gazebos to many high profile organisations, including City Councils,  Navy,  Police,  Airline,  Army, Plunket, and Government organisations as well as many individuals from independent businesses to large corporates across a range of industry sectors.
The range of premium pop up gazebos by SongPinTent is suitable for the needs of your events or business.
Commercial Events: Exhibitions, Festivals, Shows, Real Estate, Markets, etc;
Sports Events: Rugby, Cricket, Football, Motorsport, Car racing, Fishing, etc;
School Events: Open Day, Festival Activities, Learning, Tournament, etc;
Government Organisations: Medical & Health Emergency, etc;
Construction & Building Service;
Residential & Recreational: Temporary Car Port, Parties, Camping, etc;
If you have a question about choosing the right folding gazebo? Please don’t hesitate to ask our experienced SongPinTents team. We’re ready to be of service.